Rally Footpegs

More grip. Better balance. Better control.

Our footpegs are

pure artwork

aimed at rally racers and adventure riders

Outstanding Premium Quality

Made from aircraft grade EN 7075 T651 aluminum alloy, CNC machined from one billet, our footpegs are ultra-lightweight and 2-times stronger than most aluminum footpegs which are made from 6061 alloy.

Better Control

The footpeg’s center of gravity has been shifted down and back by 4mm. Compared to the OEM footpegs, ours allow you to achieve better control on the rear wheel.


at the peg and the mounting part: in other words, these things don’t break, no matter how much you abuse them.

Durable coating

The hard anodizing process give them a wear-resistant finish in charcoal grey color and a special, ceramic feel.

Excellent Grip

The three rows of studs in the pegs are providing excellent grip, but do not destroy your boot soles. These studs are also replaceable.

Rally raid racer, dirt bike maniac, adventure rider?

If that’s you, aftermarket footpegs can make a huge difference to your riding, balance, and safety.
More than that, they can also have an effect on your endurance.
Sturdy, well-built, wide footpegs make the standing position significantly more comfortable and give you more grip and control of the bike – and that means more stability on gnarly terrain.
At the end of the day, these nifty things make you a better rider!
Developed together with experienced racers and adventurers, pro and amateur Dakar riders, our Rally Footpegs will make a massive difference to your riding, control of the motorcycle, and confidence instantly.

You may use them for

riding the TET, entering your first rally race, or prepping for the toughest desert rallies – whatever the case may be, our Rally Footpegs will improve your riding and the control of your bike by leaps and bounds.

Whether you’re racing, ripping up dirt, or riding trails on your adventure motorcycle, Rally Footpegs will transform your riding to the next level.


Rally footpegs compare with oem

Wider, grippier footpegs mean

more comfort and more control of the bike.

Our footpegs, however, also have a lifetime guarantee: we know you’re going to put them through a variety of tough conditions, and we made them so rugged they’re almost impossible to destroy.

Lifetime guarantee

The mounting part has been redesigned and strengthened to remain durable even under the most extreme conditions.

The secret sauce that makes our footpegs stand out is in the 7075 alloy and the thickness of it – we’re not skimping on the materials, because quality matters.

In fact, we have so much confidence that our footpegs are the most durable we offer a lifetime guarantee: if you break the footpegs, we will replace them free of charge – no questions asked.


Our footpegs have been tried, tested, and already proved at Rallye du Maroc, Morocco and Tunesia Desert Challenge, Andalucia – Bosnia – Breslau – Dinaric and Hellas Rally, FIM Baja World Cup series, and countless other races.

Beloved by racers and adventurers like Amine Echiguer, winner of the Rallye du Maroc Enduro cup on a KTM EXC-F 450, and Arunas Gelazninkas, two-times Dakar Rally Original by Motul winner (formerly known as Malle Moto class).


“I love riding the bike standing on the balls of my feet, because this gives me extra body suspension travel through the ankles.

This is why footpegs are very important to me – stock pegs are usually too small for long hours riding standing up, whereas the CrossCountryADV footpegs are much wider and grippier. They don’t stress your feet as much, and they don’t destroy your boots.

Another awesome thing is, these footpegs are extremely durable. Normally, sand destroys stock footpegs very quickly, but the Cross Country ADV ones are still as good as new despite all the desert racing I’ve done so far.

In my experience, you can spend thousands of euros on fancy rally tower, titanium exhaust or other bling, but that will never make you a better rider.

Footpegs may seem like a simple thing, but that’s the very first mod I do on all my bikes because they make a massive difference in your riding.

The CrossCountryADV footpegs are wide enough for better balance and riding long distances, while the grip keeps your feet in the right position without slipping.”

– Amine Echiguer, winner of the 2021 Rallye du Maroc Enduro Cup.


“From the first ride, I felt more comfortable.

The bigger platform gives me a better position on the bike, and the grip is excellent.

Even if your foot isn’t fully on the footpeg, you still won’t slip.

The footpegs are also incredibly lightweight, which is awesome. It’s not just the design, it’s the function, too – you can see the quality immediately, and, yes, these footpegs will make you a better rider!

– Arūnas Gelažninkas, two-times (2021, 2022) Dakar Rally Original by Motul class winner.

Who we are

Rally Footpegs are developed and manufactured by Tamas Esch, rally rider, adventurer, and founder of CrossCountryADV. Tamas is on a mission to help other riders achieve their dirt, rally, and ADV goals with premium quality aftermarket footpegs designed and developed in collaboration with professional rally racers and dirt bike riders around the world.

Tamas is obsessed with riding better and building better bikes, and he’s extremely nerdy about what he does. The entire process from design to manufacturing is done locally, and nothing is outsourced to cut costs or save on materials: in tough riding conditions, quality and safety is paramount. That’s why our Rally footpegs are made to withstand it all and then some – and they will transform your riding.

But wait, there’s more:

In 2021, we started working together with REBEL X SPORTS to support Yamaha’s new factory rally team with custom-developed rally parts. As a result of that partnership, we are proud to provide rally footpegs to Alessandro Bottuuri (winner of Tunesia Desert Challenge, 2022) and the incredibly badass Ténéré 700 rider, Pol Tarrés.

Check out the spectacular video and interview with Pol Tarrés about the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 Raid Prototype:

Are you ready for

  • More control
  • More grip
  • More safety
  • More fun
  • Less fatigue
  • Longer-lasting footpegs you can trust
  • No damage to the boot soles
  • Extreme durability

If the answer is yes, grab a pair of your rally footpegs now and go rip up that dirt!

Become a Distributor

If you love our footpegs and would like to become a distributor or a reseller, we’d love to hear from you! We currently work with partners in Europe, the US, and Australia, and we’d love to chat with you about potential distributor or reseller partnership.

Shoot us a message if you need more details, distributor price, terms, and conditions.


rally footpegs package unboxing

The package includes:

  • 1 pair of RALLY/ADV footpegs
  • 1 pair of galvanized springs
  • 1 pair of stainless-steel cotters
  • a couple of Cross-Country Adventures logo stickers


  • optionally, you can order a set of spare spikes
Yes, we ship worldwide with DHL Express. The estimated delivery time is 1-2 working days in Europe, or 2-4 days to other continent.

To order the Rally/ADV Footpegs online please visit our webshop at: https://crosscountryadv.com

We always keep footpegs for each compatible bike models on stock and dispatch packages daily with DHL Express service (air), so you can be sure that you will get your rally footpegs quickly.

We are proud of our ever-expanding distributor network to bring our Rally/ADV Footpegs closer to local riders.

You can get your Rally/ADV Footpegs from the following official distributors:

We used to show up at rally races and other offroad events, next time you can check the footpegs and meet us personally in Greece at Hellas Rally, in Bosnia at Bosnia Rally, in Croatia at Dinaric Rally.

Our footpegs are available for the following bike models:


  • EXC-F 250-350-450-500, from 2004- onwards
  • Freeride 250/350/E-XC (all)
  • 450 and 690 RALLY Factory Replica (all)
  • 690 Enduro (all)
  • All ADV/Adventure models (except 390), 640 (from 2005), 660, 790, 890, 950 + SE, 990, 1050, 1090, 1150, 1190, 1290 SA


  • FE 250-350-450-501, from 2013- onwards
  • 701 Enduro + LR (all)
  • NORDEN 901 (all)


  • WR/YZ 250-450, from 2012- onwards
  • TÉNÉRÉ 700 + World Raid (all)

BMW models:

  • R80 GS , R100 GS, R850 GS, R1100 GS, R1150 GS, R1200 GS (+LC), R1250 GS + Adventure models
  • F650 GS (Twin), F700 GS, F750 GS, F800 GS, F850 GS + Adventure models
  • HP2 Enduro
  • G450X


  • CRF 150-250-300-450 L/X/Rally models (all)


  • Tuareg 660 (all)


  • RR 350-390-430-480 (all)


  • XEF 450 (all)


  • EC 250-350F (all)
  • EX 250-350-450F (all)
  • ES 700 (all)


  • FE 450-570 (all)


  • SEF 250-300-450-500 (all)

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